The government has recently decided to ease the lock down following less number of cases being reported in the country. According to the top government officials they were expecting a high number of cases which didn’t turn out to be true. AS the government eased the lock down restrictions, a couple of days ago, masses threw the idea of social distancing aside and flouted the corona virus prevention guidelines. People can be seen standing close to each other without masks and they are constantly touching their faces. It can be witnessed anywhere official conferences to queues outside shops and banks, the situation is no different.It has been told on many forums by the health officials and the world health organization that a person can be infected by breathing in the virus if they are within a few feet of an infected person.Despite that the importance of practicing precautions appears to be lost on many occasions. This attitude towards a virus which has infected around 9000 people and killed over 200. While driving to my office I witnessed people hovering in the markets without masks and social distancing.The World Health Organisation has repeated that the virus is mainly transmitted through droplets being generated, not only when an infected person coughs and sneezes but even when they speak.The responsibility to make citizens aware of the easy transmissibility of the virus and preventive measures lies with the government. The federal and provincial authorities must be clear in their messaging — and begin by adopting stringent precautionary measures themselves. Every government official should practice social distancing and wear a mask whenever in public, not only is this important for their protection, it will also remind members of the public to do the same.For those who are unable to purchase masks, homemade cloth masks can be used.  We need to be more cautious with the onset of Ramazan, as mosques will continue to hold congregational prayers. The Karachi commissioner has done well by saying in a notification that face masks are mandatory for anyone leaving home.The government must enforce this and whatever it takes to inform citizens about the risks they are taking if these measures are ignored. On the other hand government of Pakistan has decided to impose targeted lock down. It has been decided to lock the areas only where cases have been reported and other areas will be eased. It is being assumed that this strategy will prove lethal keeping in view the poor social distancing measures being observed by the general public. The decision of opening the mosques for congregational prayers during Ramazan has already raised eyebrows as the number of cases has soared during last three days.  With the targeted lock down and congregational prayers we are actually creating too many loopholes in the anti-spread strategy. The apex court has already critiqued the government regarding lack of strategy and seriousness in the fight against corona virus. More needs to be done by the government and the people in the trying times of covid-19 outbreak.

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  1. bhai jonsay log lockdown main social distancing follow nai kr rahay thay wo lockdown khatam hnay py kaisay kr sktay hain?


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