Resurrection: Physical or Spiritual

Among the important questions which relates to the discussion of the resurrection is, “Is the Resurrection only spiritual?” or does the body of an individual also appear in another world? And the human being take on the very form that he or she had in this world but in a higher and more elevated level? … Continue reading Resurrection: Physical or Spiritual

Rise of Hussain: The journey to the glory begins

After seeing death threats and pressure from the governor of his own city Madina, Hussain decided to leave his beloved city with his family members. The caravan consisted of his two sisters i.e. Zainab and Umme Kulsum, wives, brothers, and his children including a six-month-old infant child known as Ali Asghar nephews, housemaids and a … Continue reading Rise of Hussain: The journey to the glory begins

Sandwiched between radicals, rationalists

We the Pakistanis are dealing with a much bigger problem, it isn’t corona, it’s the communal reckless resolve, which is compelling us to drag the people towards a mass suicide. It just takes a man’s obstinacy which mars the difference between faith and cult. People of Pakistan have witnessed it quite a bit, but during … Continue reading Sandwiched between radicals, rationalists