Folk tales are not merely folktales but they are the lessons that we learn from the past. This isnt a fairytale. This is the story of ego, selfishness, rage and death.

Once upon a time there was a city known for its peace, tranquility and progress. A fresh water river flowing through its heart, the city was full of orchids with a variety of fruits, grain crops and contended citizens. The reason behind the progress and prosperity of the city wasn’t the mayor running it, but a sleeping giant.

Laal Badshah was a giant sleeping for more than 300 years on a mountain in the city. The presence of a mighty phenom was enough for the invaders to hesitate from attacking the city and everything was running in order.
One unfortunate day, the city council was mulling over the policies they should adopt to avert any mishap that could hinder the progress of the city. A councillor argued that this peace isn’t infinite as the day Laal Badshah wakes up he will smite the entire city in no time. This not so favourable blunt revelation startled the mayor, and after a deliberate discussion, the mayor decided to rid evil once and for all.
The council under the leadership of the mayor assembled warrior men to kill Laal Badshah. They scaled the mountain and reached the top. There they saw a giant red in color sleeping like a baby. They carefully drew the swords and spears and attacked the giant with a hasty manoeuvre.
This sudden charge and the wounds as a result of it awakened Laal Badshah. With a powerful thrust, he dispersed the warriors. Laal Badhsah was furious now. He said” O mayor! Have I ever troubled you? Have I ever tried to harm any of the citizens? The peace in the city was because of my presence. But you, being an idiot, decided to ruin it all only because of your selfish insecurity. You have brought havoc upon your doors and now you will repent this day. He fled and burnt the entire city. The mayor was in his grip now, ready to be quashed like a melon. He begged for mercy but Laal Badshah replied that the person whose selfishness killed his citizens and destroyed his city did not deserve mercy. The ruins of the city still haunt many after centuries, and Laal Badhsah is still there awake and furious.

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