Dr Frankenstein or Corona?

The entire world is fighting against corona virus while we the people of Pakistan are still trying to overwhelm the bedlam which has been widely observed in the country. The situation looks very grave as the total number of cases has reached up to 43158 with 923 deaths.  So far, the only death cases media news … Continue reading Dr Frankenstein or Corona?

Sandwiched between radicals, rationalists

We the Pakistanis are dealing with a much bigger problem, it isn’t corona, it’s the communal reckless resolve, which is compelling us to drag the people towards a mass suicide. It just takes a man’s obstinacy which mars the difference between faith and cult. People of Pakistan have witnessed it quite a bit, but during … Continue reading Sandwiched between radicals, rationalists

Corona pandemic: Perplexing decisions of clerics

Meetings of clerics on two different occasions have announced that they will resist the imposition of further restrictions on prayer congregations, the statement came following clear instructions by the government to observe the lock down in mosques.The government has already vowed to bring clerics and all religious groups on-board before reaching a final decision on … Continue reading Corona pandemic: Perplexing decisions of clerics

Surviving the trying times of Corona

https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js Human life has always been a victim of surprises, plagues, crises, adventures, and curiosities.  We faced almost everything in one form or another. Devastating waves of terrorism, violence, protests full of panic and the confused governments remained the hallmark of our wretched existence. Taking the plagues into consideration, we witnessed Dengue, SARS, Ebola and … Continue reading Surviving the trying times of Corona