Encounter with the Fakir

Rumi said, “Lose your soul in God’s love… I swear there is no other way.” He held my hand and brought me out of a quagmire that was taking me down the drain. That was the most significant thing I can attribute to the chained Fakir (saint). My grandfather once told me that keep searching … Continue reading Encounter with the Fakir

Rise of Hussain: The story of great Betrayal

After leaving Makkah, Imam Hussain’s caravan was heading towards Kufa. Kufa was the main military headquarter of Yazid’s caliphate. Imam Hussain’s emissary Muslim was already in the city seeking public allegiance for Hussain. Yazid removed the Governor of Kufa and appointed Abdullah Ibne Zayad as the new governor. Ibne Zayad upon reaching Kufa started mass … Continue reading Rise of Hussain: The story of great Betrayal