Human life has always been a victim of surprises, plagues, crises, adventures, and curiosities.  We faced almost everything in one form or another.

Devastating waves of terrorism, violence, protests full of panic and the confused governments remained the hallmark of our wretched existence.

Taking the plagues into consideration, we witnessed Dengue, SARS, Ebola and several other deadly diseases but never have we ever witnessed anything crueler than coronavirus.

We see the people around us breathless and dying and we are so helpless that we can’t even soothe them or comfort them owing to the infectious and the pandemic nature of this virus.

Every tragedy gives birth to a story that is full of human experiences and emotions. If you have any story, feel free to share it.

Strictly speaking about myself, I am afraid, afraid for my loved ones, the fear of seeing the people around me vulnerable, fear of not seeing the world I used to cherish around me. I fear the world will never be the same after this.

We, the relatives and friends, are poles apart, as I see people looking at each other with eerie eyes as if a demon has possessed them. Those who are walking on the street look like zombies, tired and helpless to fight this curse.

People are so petrified that they are forced to project the theories related to end times while going to the office, I saw a beggar waffling about the apocalypse. He was saying “the apocalypse is here”. The scriptures do tell us about the deadly plague before the apocalypse, which will wipe out half the population. I am more concerned about the social fabric, as this plague has hit it more hard as compared to human casualties.

I can see the governments huffed up trying to contain its spread. I can see people helpless and frantic while rubbing their hands with soaps and sanitizers like maniacs day and night but still the danger is lurking right above their heads.

Today, I heard more people have died in the United States, entire Europe is in lockdown presenting the look of a ghost town, the worship halls are empty, and the shopping malls are deserted. Everything is so meaningless now. The people don’t have a desire for money, the emotions are somnolent, the cult practices have come to a halt and surprisingly, the human race is unbothered by the loss of it.  

Here in Pakistan, we are also trying to put up a staid fight against the virus but so far we are losing the battle with each passing day. I pray that we survive this, if we do, we keep our sanity intact as such a crisis leads to mayhem. Before this we were selfish but after this plague, we will be wild beasts with a wicked survival gut. The handshakes will be devoid of compassion, the hugs will be eerie, and the gathering will be a petrified hoard of innocent sheep ready to be dragged towards the altar.  I don’t know if this plague will lead us to the apocalypse or not, but one thing is clear human race will find new lows and reasons to undo the moral and ethical values. Pray that God helps us!

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