Sons of soil: 8 minutes of valor

Four terrorists armed with grenades and automatic rifles were killed by the brave police personnel within 8 minutes of valor in the compound of Karachi Stock Exchange building on June 29, 2020. Two brave cops; Constable Khalil & Constable Muhammad Rafiq of Rapid Response Force Sindh Police neutralized the terrorists. It was a peaceful day … Continue reading Sons of soil: 8 minutes of valor

Detracted trucking sector: who will take the wheel?

The transport sector plays an essential role in enhancing the international competitiveness of an economy and it is crucial for the efficient functioning of the supply chain. In developing regions effectual transport networks lessen production and transaction costs which also serve as a stimulus for the economy. The transport sector got the limelight owing to … Continue reading Detracted trucking sector: who will take the wheel?

Sandwiched between radicals, rationalists

We the Pakistanis are dealing with a much bigger problem, it isn’t corona, it’s the communal reckless resolve, which is compelling us to drag the people towards a mass suicide. It just takes a man’s obstinacy which mars the difference between faith and cult. People of Pakistan have witnessed it quite a bit, but during … Continue reading Sandwiched between radicals, rationalists