Sons of soil: 8 minutes of valor

Four terrorists armed with grenades and automatic rifles were killed by the brave police personnel within 8 minutes of valor in the compound of Karachi Stock Exchange building on June 29, 2020. Two brave cops; Constable Khalil & Constable Muhammad Rafiq of Rapid Response Force Sindh Police neutralized the terrorists. It was a peaceful dayContinue reading “Sons of soil: 8 minutes of valor”

Tears such that angels weep

The angels cried on her as she was too innocent and naive to understand that the parrots she just freed would be the cause of her death by torture. Zohra Shah was just an 8-year-old innocent girl when she succumbed to injuries in a local hospital in Rawalpindi. She was brought to the hospital byContinue reading “Tears such that angels weep”

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