Necessity of Imamate

Man through his God-given nature realizes without any doubt that no organized society, such as a country or city or village or tribe or even a household consisting of a few human beings, can continue to subsist without a leader and ruler who puts the wheel of the society in motion and whose will govern … Continue reading Necessity of Imamate

Resurrection: Physical or Spiritual

Among the important questions which relates to the discussion of the resurrection is, “Is the Resurrection only spiritual?” or does the body of an individual also appear in another world? And the human being take on the very form that he or she had in this world but in a higher and more elevated level? … Continue reading Resurrection: Physical or Spiritual

Muhammad (PBUH): The Universal Prophet (FINAL EPISODE)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the supreme example of a family man. He was a loving husband, an affectionate father, and a doting grandfather. As long as the faithful Khadija was alive, he never took another wife. Even later on in life, when he had married several women, he used to cherish the loving memory of … Continue reading Muhammad (PBUH): The Universal Prophet (FINAL EPISODE)

Beloved Muhammad (PBUH): The Universal Prophet (Part 1)

Dear world! till now you have heard or watched the name of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) uttered by the fierce illiterate Taliban jihadists carrying a bomb, a staunch Mullah verbalizing his personal desire using the name of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) or by twisted politicians creating a religious divide to fulfill their sinister … Continue reading Beloved Muhammad (PBUH): The Universal Prophet (Part 1)