Four terrorists armed with grenades and automatic rifles were killed by the brave police personnel within 8 minutes of valor in the compound of Karachi Stock Exchange building on June 29, 2020. Two brave cops; Constable Khalil & Constable Muhammad Rafiq of Rapid Response Force Sindh Police neutralized the terrorists.

It was a peaceful day when suddenly the stillness was disrupted with the sound of heavy gunshots at the entrance of the Karachi Stock Exchange building in Karachi.
Four armed men tried to storm the building and resorted to heavy firing followed by a grenade attack. According to a police statement, one sub-inspector and three security guards were martyred in the attack. Seven people, including three police officials, have been injured.

The attackers, armed with grenades and automatic rifles, launched the attack and attempted to enter the PSX compound, which is in a high-security zone that also houses the head offices of several banks.
Security personnel, including police and Rangers, intercepted the attackers and killed all four of them. Police said that advanced weaponry, hand grenades, and explosive material were recovered from the terrorists’ custody.

The four militants were aged between 20 and 30 years and suffered multiple bullet wounds, according to police surgeon Dr Qarar Ahmed Abbasi. One of the attackers was killed at a distance of 25 feet from their car, another at 26 feet, third at 300 feet and fourth at 312 feet, Khattab added.
Sindh Rangers Director General Omer Ahmed Bukhari told reporters that the attackers arrived at the scene in a car at 10:02 am and they were killed by security forces by 10:10 am.
Ironically, public surveys and reports of government accountability and redress institutions depicts that the police are one of the most widely feared, complained against, and least trusted government institutions in Pakistan, lacking a clear system of accountability and plagued by corruption at the highest levels.

Long duty hours, poor salary structure, and non-payment of allowances to low-rank policemen are some of the grievances, which have not been addressed yet by the government. The police department is counted among those organizations in Pakistan, which have failed to deliver due to inherent flaws in the system. Criticism on the police is rampant not only because of the behavior of low-rank police officers but also because of the apathy of those who are sitting at the helm of affairs and doing nothing to reform the Thana (brutal police station) culture.

This is the reason that the sacrifices of policemen for people’s safety are neglected. We often forget that the men and women of the police department are living, breathing human beings who should be the symbols of hope, justice, and safety. Every day, they put their lives on the line for people regardless of their race, religion, or sex. Policemen are under-appreciated so we need to speak in favor of them.

They have to perform duties at major thoroughfares, guard places of congregations, rallies, seminars, and have to report for duty on religious and social occasions when other members of society enjoy with their families. A major assignment of the low-rank policemen is to remain available for performing protocol duties at the disposal of politicians and high-rank government functionaries.It is high time that the government rectified these inherent flaws. Government needs to reform the service structure of the police department. Along with providing them all necessary perks and privileges, there is a need to impart them training on modern lines and teach them on how to behave with the general public when they seek their help. Steps also needed to be taken to root out the menace of corruption in the police department.

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