It has become a routine matter in our lives every year that we literally sweat for Eid moon sighting. Every year Ramadan starts and ends with confusion. Its actually quite ironic that in this digital age in which there are countries trying to explore the darker areas of space and we the muslims of India and pakistan still depend on a 70 year old feeble cleric to resolve this obligatory matter for us . The matter is daunting and distressing now as this year we witnessed a feud here in pakistan between the govt minister and clerics. The science ministry lead by ‘not so popular’ Fawad Chaudry declared Eid few hours before the route hilal committee who gets salaries for the only job they almost fail every year to do so. This year it was more baffling for them as they took almost 5 hours to announce the Eid in a perplexing manner as the cleric leading the committee looked fragile and unclear while announcing the festive day. And if that wasn’t enough , a sectarian rift started immediately after the announcement, as clerics of each sect were seen divided regarding the decision of the route committee and the issue has not been settled so far. Consequently, We will have to deal with the after effects of this childish and imprudent decision making which will cause more disorder.

Eid is a festive occasion meant to bring fortune and joys for the people. Unfortunately, its different this year as the entire world is combating with the deadly coronavirus and the situation here in India and Pakistan is very grave and alarming. Across the border a deadly wave of Covid-19 is killing innocents and recently a tragic incident was a typhoon which killed hundreds and devastated a vast infrastructure. Here in Pakistan, corona is spreading like a wildfire among careless and unguided people and a recent airplane crash , just a day before Eid,  has left the entire state in shock and agony. Its saddening to see that while these clerics were frantically searching for moon there were people searching for dead bodies of their loved ones with broken hearts. All i can say right now is that we should pray that god help all those who are in pain and fighting against the deadly virus on both sides of the border and other countries of the world. I am disappointed and disturbed.

(Image credit: mr sabir nazr published for pakistan today)

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