The entire world is fighting against corona virus while we the people of Pakistan are still trying to overwhelm the bedlam which has been widely observed in the country. The situation looks very grave as the total number of cases has reached up to 43158 with 923 deaths.  So far, the only death cases media news channel reports are related to the novel corona virus and this has literally pissed the people off. They are being forced to question/ponder as if nothing else is happening in Pakistan; no accidents, no robberies, no murders or general cardiac related deaths, suddenly everything just vanished. Meanwhile, the government claims that we are dangerously heading towards an emergency but instead of taking stringent measures it has removed the lock down which is very disturbing for the people.On the other side, people are alleging of being cheated regarding their corona virus tests. Several videos have surfaced on the social media in which people can be seen claiming that private laboratory showed their tests negative but when they approached government hospitals or testing facilities prescribed by the government, they are being pushed towards the corona ward saying that their corona virus tests are positive. In a post, a family member alleged that a man was pronounced dead owing to corona virus whose family states that he had no travel history and he was observing quarantine at home for two months. He was admitted in the hospital following a chest infection and he looked quite normal keeping in view his smoking history and change in the weather, the family member alleged. His family alleged that they are being dodged and their patient wasn’t corona positive and later a private lab report showed his results negative. This chain of events surely raised many eyebrows regarding government’s performance in this crisis and people now seriously doubt the govt’s sincerity regarding this entire fiasco. Moreover, apex court today asked the government about the million-dollar funds which are being allegedly wasted or remained undisclosed in this entire emergency situation which again substantiate the qualms being circulated among the masses. Right now, no body knows whether corona is killing the people or the wicked Doctor Frankenstein is doing experiments and we the people are his lab rats. It is pertinent to say that besides corona and other viral diseases we have many other things to fight and pandemonium is one of them.

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